Health Care that is Personal, Integrated and Proactive.

A suite of proven health care solutions for employers and health plans. Connect and engage you members with high quality benefit programs and care in the community with our Navigation and Advocacy. Create new primary care and partner with community providers to create a local, high-value Advanced Primary Care network.

apree foundation

A suite of solutions built on the apree foundation

All apree health solutions are built on the apree foundation—the technology infrastructure and data backbone that underpins everything we do.

Secure and scalable cloud architecture

Secure and scalable cloud architecture


The industry’s richest dataset aggregates claims, clinical outcomes, and provider cost and quality data

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Outcomes-focused analytics and reporting for our clients

Our solutions

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apree navigation

Best-in-class engagement driven by a fully integrated care navigation and wellbeing experience.

Reduce benefits complexity with a single platform that personalizes guidance to benefits and in-network care

Improve program utilization with an easy-to-deploy ecosystem of best-in-breed digital health partners

apree advocacy

Better serve higher risk populations by integrating care management and health coaching into the apree digital experience

Simplified experience that removes barriers to care, from care guidance to appointment scheduling, to billing/claims resolution

Guarantees to improve quality of care, from preventive care, to reduced ER utilization, to high-value specialist referrals

Reduce healthcare hassles with support from a team of experts

apree advanced primary care

The best of clinical care and navigation to engage your whole population, ensure access to high-quality care, and manage health

Comprehensive care team addresses whole health, with primary care providers, behavioral health clinicians, and health coaches

Market-based solution integrates and refers into the best of the local care delivery landscape

Delivers outcomes and value with full accountability for total cost of care



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Net promoter score
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HEDIS quality scores
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