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An ongoing conversation: How apree health engages with our employees

An ongoing conversation: How apree health engages with our employees
author Katie Christiansen

True employee engagement is the foundation for any effective organization.

According to Gallup, highly engaged business units lead to a “23% difference in profitability.” The impact on turnover is also significant. Organizations having highly engaged employees seeing an 18-34% difference in turnover depending on their previous turnover rates. 

At apree health, we are committed to employee engagement. We engage with our employees in a multitude of ways: consistently discussing, prioritizing, measuring, and encouraging their involvement. 

Here’s what that engagement looks like:

How we measure employee engagement

We take a varied approach to measuring engagement. We utilize data from surveys and hold conversations in both one-on-one and group formats. This allows us to achieve a well-rounded understanding of employees’ experiences, feelings, ideas, and drive for change.

One of our tools is Workday’s Peakon Employee Voice. This powerful survey and data application measures our employee promoter score. This score indicates how likely each employee is to recommend apree health to friends and family. It also identifies which factors most impact employee experience.

The survey ask employees questions to find out what they are experiencing and feeling in terms of belonging, well-being, resilience, burnout, workload, and manager and team dynamics. Employees help us understand all facets of their experience by providing feedback on a set of factors: from career development and empowerment to culture and recognition.

How engagement data guides us through change

Last May, survey results showed we had an opportunity for rewards and recognition to be a driver of employee engagement. This led us to implement a recognition program where employee peers and management recognize stellar performance and recommend bonuses for employees.

More recently, the survey revealed some employees were unsure about their career paths and growth within apree health. As a result, we implemented individual development plans company-wide as part of our mid-year employee reviews.

How we’re constantly improving our culture

In 2022, apree health formed the Culture Collective, a team of employees working together to influence and create internal culture. These teams act as resources and a collective voice for the departments and organizations within our organization.

Employees have the opportunity to join a specific committee and/or participate in specific projects that they’re passionate about. To unpack this a bit:

The Well-Being Committee

Research shows that people working in the healthcare industry are more likely to experience mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and burnout. The Well-Being Committee is committed to providing wellness support in a number of ways, such as boosting engagement with mental health resources. The committee also helps integrate our full biopsychosocial perspective of health into campaigns and other efforts.

The Inclusion Committee

The need for diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion in healthcare is real and present. The Inclusion Committee is focused on creating a work environment where people feel their full identities are heard and seen.

Groups within the Inclusion Committee hold hour-long sessions that are normally sponsored or introduced by an executive or senior leader. Past sessions have included:

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month: Three Hispanic providers delivering care to Hispanic populations spoke about the specific needs of the population.
  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Three influential individuals from San Francisco’s arts industry spoke about the Asian American and Pacific Islander experience.
  • Pride Month: A provider shared their personal experience as both a transgender patient and a provider.

As we move forward together

There’s this huge picture of who a full person is, both in their professional experiences and their personal ones. That full picture can influence how we all make one another better with our differences or perspectives and experiences.

In our engagement, that’s what we want to elevate.

We always have work to do, and every day we collaborate to investigate new methods of engaging with employees. Together, we’re having important conversations, evolving as a group, and supporting each person’s ability to grow and thrive.

apree health is hiring! Check out our open positions to see if one is right for you.

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