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Privacy By Design

How apree health works to keep our member's right to privacy.

Protecting personal data in healthcare

How apree health works to keep our member's right to privacy.

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This blog was authored by Andrew Smith, Senior Privacy Engineer at apree health

Everyday there seems to be a new headline reporting a misuse of personal information. Especially in healthcare, many patients are wary about the privacy of their personal information.

In this age of information, data is valuable. There is a common perception that it is increasingly difficult to keep medical history private anymore. At apree health we are working to push back on this perception by  incorporating “Privacy By Design” principles into our software to protect the personal information of our members in three ways. 

Privacy is default.

First, privacy is always the default setting in our software. These settings include details like keeping adult dependents’ health care choices from being shared throughout a family unit or complying with individual state laws across the country regarding sharing minors’ sensitive medical information. We always start with the understanding that no personal information is shared inappropriately without consent first.

Proactive About Privacy.

Second, privacy is embedded into our software’s design. Whether the user is calling into a Care Guide, or accessing the digital experience on the app, we automatically verify the identity of the user before any disclosure of potentially sensitive information. We enact minimum required employee access to potentially sensitive information, and our technology stack enforces that policy. Our software proactively searches user session data for signs of inappropriate or fraudulent access, allowing us to notify customers of potential privacy issues.

Thoughtful Design.

Finally, apree health digital is built with transparency in mind. When our software identifies a potential “gap in care” or provides activities for a healthier lifestyle, it provides a brief but meaningful explanation of why that suggestion was offered. When we do share information, we do it thoughtfully to provide value. For example, the app gives members immediate access to their health insurance information and provides a snapshot of past medical claims. In all cases involving any potentially sensitive information, we always protect the interests of users by offering appropriate notice and empowering user-friendly options to manage personal information.

Our company endeavors to push back against the misconception that privacy is difficult. By adhering to these three principals, apree health provides a superior experience to our customers and their employees. 

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