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Apprehensive to Empowered: A New Patient Journey at apree health

Apprehensive to Empowered: A New Patient Journey at apree health
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Authored by Kshawnda Frazier, Nurse Practitioner in an apree health Atlanta-based care center

At apree health, value-based care is more than a buzzword, it’s something that is ingrained into all providers and care teams, guiding every interaction. I had the privilege of accompanying James*, an apree health member, on his return to health care after eight years without medical attention. This pivotal step of his health care journey highlighted the transformative potential and need for the compassionate and patient-centered care within our clinic.

As James entered the Vera Health care center, the apree health brand, I sensed his apprehension, a manifestation of years spent outside the realm of health care. Our clinic, built upon the principles of value-based care, is more than just a medical facility; it’s a place where patients are seen as individuals with unique needs and experiences. With a genuine desire to understand James’s concerns and a commitment to empowering him on his path to wellness, I introduced myself as his nurse practitioner.

Listening to James recount his medical history, I recognized the impact of neglect on his well-being. At apree health, we embrace a holistic approach that considers not just physical symptoms but also the emotional and social factors influencing health. With this in mind, I engaged James in a conversation that went beyond medical jargon, seeking to understand his story and address his concerns with empathy and compassion.

During our examination, I approached James with sensitivity, mindful of the anxiety and uncertainty that often accompany a return to healthcare after an extended absence. apree health’s approach to value-based care emphasizes collaboration and shared decision-making, empowering patients to take an active role in their health. Together, James and I explored his symptoms, discussed treatment options, and set goals for his well-being, ensuring that he felt supported and informed throughout the process.

As our discussion unfolded, James revealed a recent family health crisis that had prompted his clinic visit. Two of his family members had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, adding a layer of urgency and concern to his own health journey. Recognizing the emotional weight of this revelation, I offered James a safe space to process his feelings and provided resources and support to help him navigate this challenging time.

By the end of our visit, James’s demeanor had shifted. The weight of uncertainty had begun to lift, replaced by a sense of hope and empowerment. As he left the care center that day, I knew that our encounter had been more than just a clinical appointment – it had been a meaningful step forward on James’s journey to reclaiming his health.

James’s experience underscores the transformative power of value-based care and the importance of compassionate, patient-centered approaches in healthcare. At apree health, we are committed to providing comprehensive, holistic care that honors the individual needs and experiences of each patient. Through empathy, collaboration, and a dedication to holistic care, we strive to empower our patients to achieve their healthiest, most fulfilling lives possible.

*name changed for privacy

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