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A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping: Get Your Employees Connected to Primary Care

New Year's Resolution. Primary care for employees.
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We’ve all seen the statistics: of people that set a New Year’s goal, the percentage of follow through on a 12-month basis is a whopping 1%. For 2024, the top New Year’s resolutions included “improve fitness” as number one, followed by other health-related goals, including losing weight, improving diet, and quitting smoking. What if you could wrap all these goals together for your employees and give them a path to, not only stick with their goals, but to really improve their health? The goal is simple: get them connected to advanced primary care. 

Through advanced primary care, individuals have access to a primary care provider who takes the time to understand their unique needs, offering tailored advice and treatment plans. This personalized approach helps build provider-patient trust which can lead to better health outcomes.

Unlike the reactive health care models that are focused on treating illnesses after they occur, advanced primary care emphasized a proactive health approach. At apree health specifically, we work with clients to build onsite or near-site care centers that don’t just stop giving care when you leave the four walls. Our individuals are surrounded by a care team that integrates in a way that is meaningful and creates positive change in our members’ lives. Do you have a goal of weight loss, smoking cessation or improved sleep? Our board certified coaches are trained in the transtheoretical model of change (TTM) to support members in positive behavior change. 

The second most popular New Year’s resolution: improving finances. 1 in 2 employed adults admit to avoiding preventative health screening due to costs which can lead to more costly urgent care and emergency department visits down the road.  By creating a trusted provider relationship, early diagnosis and warning signs of larger health issues are more likely to be caught and treated. In addition, advanced primary care can give more certainty around costs, helping individuals to avoid becoming one of the 100 million Americans with medical debt. The apree model focuses around efficiency and quality of care instead of volume of care. 

Next step: connecting your employees to advanced primary care.  If you’re not quite ready to take the step into near-site or onsite clinics, apree health can help with navigation and advocacy. Our digital application gets to know the individual and their preferences and guides them to high-value, advanced primary care in your area. We continue to engage them post-visit with digital and virtual services to lead them to the next best step on their health care journey. Our human care guides complement our digital platform by providing personalized, high-touch guidance through chat or phone, making it easier for your employees to navigate the complex care system. 

Whether you’re someone who sets a New Year’s goal every year or not, making the resolution to connect with primary care is a commitment worth keeping for benefits that last way beyond the confines of a calendar year. 

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