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2023 Workforce Health Index

apree health’s in-depth report on medical and pharmaceutical spending and utilization across the commercially insured

Workforce Health Index
author apree health

In this report, we’ll dive into key findings across the commercially-insured population on:

  • Healthcare spend trends and forecasts
  • Care utilization and spend trends across 8 clinical care categories
  • Prescription drug spend by therapeutic category
  • What’s driving up prescription drug costs
  • Preventive care utilization by age and income level
  • The concerning trends in pediatric healthcare utilization
  • Primary care engagement and its impact on clinical risk and spending

Organizations both big and small can benefit from data-driven insights to inform their benefit strategies, especially as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s where our Workforce Health Index comes in. We hope this report will be used by benefit leaders, health plans, consultants, policymakers, and providers working to improve access to—and affordability of—the care needed to ensure a productive, engaged, and healthy workforce.

We analyzed more than 220 million medical and pharmaceutical claims from 2019 through 2022 to provide insights into past healthcare utilization and predictions for future spend and utilization. 

Download the 2023 Workforce Health Index to explore more key findings and discover data-driven strategies to address the needs of your workforce.

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