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What is it like working at apree health?

What is it like working at apree health?
author Rachel Schieber

Deciding where to work is one of the biggest questions each of us will face in our lives. We hope our place of employment will be aligned with our values. That we will be supported in accomplishing our goals, and that the people we work alongside will become trusted partners.

For healthcare providers, coaches, and allied staff members, those questions carry special weight. This is because a supportive workplace better enables them to fulfill their goal of providing superior healthcare to their patients. 

On the other hand, a work environment where quantity always wins over quality limits their ability to make a difference.

Things are different at apree health

Perhaps you’ve felt frustrated or burnt out from navigating days that are too busy or full. Maybe you’ve wondered if all the work you’re doing is having any real impact on your patients’ health.

Our approach to healthcare sets us apart. 

  • apree health team members experience higher rates of job satisfaction because they’re able to spend more time with patients and make a real difference in their health
  • apree health patients experience better overall outcomes because they’re empowered to take an active role in their health

A Day in the life

We’ve put together an interactive resource about what working at apree health is really like. It allows you to walk through the average day of a healthcare provider, a health coach, and an allied staff member. 

We mean it when we say we’re starting a healthcare revolution. The evidence is reflected in our team members and the impact they have every day on the lives and health of apree health patients.

apree health is hiring! Check out our open positions to see if one is right for you.

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